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Inclusive Birding at NIU

Are you an experienced birder? Relatively new to birding? Never been birding before?
There’s a space for you in the Inclusive Birding Club!

Please fill out our survey if you are interested in joining.

Dickcissel. Image by: Cathy Del Valle

Our Goals


Black-capped chickadee. Image by: Christy N. Wails

We aim to provide resources, events, and activities that foster educational experiences and potential career development in bird identification, ecology, and conservation.


Downy woodpecker. Image by: Erin G. Rowland

We aim to provide a welcoming and judgement-free place where members of all experience levels, identity groups, and cultural backgrounds are actively encouraged to participate.


Brown-headed cowbird. Image by: Christy N. Wails

We aim to advocate locally for conservation of native birds and habitats and provide resources for members to participate in local conservation activities.

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